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aquarius Juice ingredients


aquarius Juice ingredients


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bloom  Juice ingredients

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Sage and Indigo Juice Co

Our Story

Sage and Indigo Juice on IceSage & Indigo Juice Co. was founded in April 2021. We are a small local business in SWFL. Every juice is hand-pressed, bottled, and labeled in Fort Myers, FL.

I, (Sarah, CEO) started juicing when I was 18, and I haven’t stopped since. I absolutely fell in love with concocting beautiful fruits and vegetables together. Whenever I drank raw juice it made me feel vibrant and activated. I saw how it healed people from the inside out and inspired me. I absolutely needed to be a part of spreading this healing energy to the world. 

Sage & Indigo Juice is so much more than juice. It’s about empowerment, overall health, and showing up for yourself and for others. Thank you for supporting our vision, juices, and dream of creating a community centered around healing, health, and empowerment.

We are so grateful to have you along for the journey Our juices are made with love and pressed with purpose. We hope you can not only taste but feel the difference too!

Our Juices are a Way of Life

Our juices offer many health benefits allowing you to live life to the fullest. Adopting healthy life style habits begins with nutrition.  Sage and Indigo Juice Co is the ultimate destination for fresh, delicious, and healthy drinks. 

Customer Reviews

Healthy fresh fruit smoothies with ingredients
"Sarah makes the BEST cold pressed juices ever. I always feel so refreshed, hydrated, and just BETTER after drinking them.

My favorite is Good Karma, and in second place - Indigo. She’s such a kind, amazing person and I will always recommend Sage and Indigo Juice Co!!!"
- Rilie F.
"Purchased my first of many, last weekend at the Babcock Market.

Good Karma, Bliss and Bloom were all great!"
- Carlie S.

We Buy Local

buy local

We support our community by buying our produce directly from local farmers. By buying local we are able to provide our customers with fresher, more nutritious juices.

Choose Health, Choose Self

choose health

Our MISSION at Sage & Indigo Juice Co. is to serve the community the highest quality cold pressed juice. We hope to spread healing, health, empowerment and connection through every bottle.

An Eco-Friendly Company


Sage & Indigo Juice Co engages in environmentally-conscious business practices by being ever mindful of our environmental impact.